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Does ACA provide a digital archive I can really use and understand if I am not computer savvy?

Yes, ACA works with several types of database software for the creation of a paperless digital archive of your collection. ACA will select the type of software that best suits your needs and abilities and will train and provide simple instructions in the use of your software. It is our desire that you find the digital version of your collection a joy to work with, review and share as you deem necessary. A back-up copy of the digital archive can also be stored in a remote data safe in the event your computer crashes, is infected by a virus or is damaged. A paperless archive is the best way to protect the important documentation on your collection.

Will my collection information remain private?

Yes. ACA will not voluntarily disclose detailed information regarding a collection to a third party without written or expressed permission. This permission would only be requested if a collector would like ACA to connect them to any additional fine art collection support services.

Does ACA work with corporate collections?

Yes. ACA will create a digital archive of corporate collections. A digital archive is an excellent way to track a company’s art investment strategy and maintain a clear understanding of a company’s fine art inventory.

Does ACA provide appraisals?

No. ACA does not determine the value of the art and objects in a collection. However, ACA will research and refer a collector to a selection of appropriate certified appraisers and include the resulting certified appraisal information in the digital archive of their collection.

What if I am still actively collecting?

ACA will set up a digital archive and train the collector on how to add new records to their archive. ACA can also remain in service to the collector by adding new records and removing existing records as part of an ongoing maintenance agreement.

Does ACA work with Artists or their estates?

Yes. ACA is well suited to work with living artists to develop a digital archive of their work for the purpose of good record keeping, provenance and eventual estate planning purposes. ACA will also work with an Artist’s heirs to organize and create a digital archive that will be a useful tool to help protect the estate from undervaluing the work, liquidation and predatory art buyers.

Does ACA work with small collections?

ACA is a specialized service designed for the discerning and avid art collector, ideally with collection assets over $1 million in estimated value.

Does ACA work with “collectibles” or create home inventories?

ACA focuses its services on fine art and objects and does not work with collections that primarily comprise 20th century collectibles or ephemera. However, if a component of a larger collection includes a sub-collection of these types of objects, ACA would consider providing services to address both aspects of the overall collection.

Does ACA remove my collection from my care, custody and control when providing their services?

ACA does not remove pieces in the collection for the purposes of creating a digital archive. ACA will schedule all photo documentation and information gathering for the collection on site at the convenience of the collector. All available paper documentation would be supplied to ACA by the collector for the purposes of organization into the digital archive and digital scanning off site. Additional follow up appointments via phone, via Skype, or in person would be scheduled between ACA and the collector as needed to complete the collection records.