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Art Collector’s Athenaeum provides a user-friendly digital archive of your collection that can be enjoyed on your personal computer and effortlessly sorted or shared at your discretion.

Art Collector’s Athenaeum provides skillful organization, research and digital scanning of the support documents that qualified appraisers, estate planners, reputable dealers and fine art insurers recognize when evaluating your collection.

Art Collector’s Athenaeum provides design services and recommendations on the best methods for the display of your collection, as well as referrals for expert support services; such as fine art installation and transit, customs clearance, proper lighting and display systems.

Art Collector’s Athenaeum provides consultation and provision of museum quality archival supplies for the proper care, conservation and storage of your collection.

Art Collector’s Athenaeum’s clients become members of an exclusive community of discerning collectors and fine art professionals. You will receive a bi-annual e-newsletter Athenaeum: The Art of Collecting, with informative articles, a calendar of events and opportunities for guided small group travel experiences that focus on the joy, history and practice of collecting art.